Chelsea Caroline

Chelsea Caroline



About the Artist

My name is Chelsea Caroline. I’m from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. As an artist, my heart is always to live a creative life. My hope is that my ACTIONS will lead others to find their own innate creativity and realize the importance of what it is to be creative.

As we are a creation ourselves, my inspiration always originates with nature… our humanity, ie “human nature” and our natural world. The beauty of the trees, plants, animals and just the simple movement of the sun, moon and clouds will never cease to amaze me.

In my travels and communion with this world I’ve channeled this inspiration though many mediums… songwriting, music production, poetry, children’s stories, fashion design, painting, drawing, mosaic, gardening and photography.

In appreciation of so many art forms and human cultures, above all I consider myself an artist of mosaic. Yes, the laborious painstaking process of tile and grout, but also in other forms.

The music I produce is a mosaic of styles, bringing people together and encouraging unity. My writing, a sort of unveiling of a puzzle of knowledge and wisdom, pieced together in the form of storytelling and poetic prose.

Most recently I’ve become interested in mixing real with abstract by blending nature photography and videography with programs such as photoshop and adobe aftereffects. Also, in my work with actual tile mosaics, I’ve mixed mediums of mosaic with music to illustrate the interconnectedness of all things.

In integrating what we know as real with the imaginary, we see the value in all that potentially exists. Our imagination and creativity become an important piece of the puzzle in expanding what we believe is possible.

I want to encourage the innate creativity in all people, as I believe this inspiration and innovation is what’s needed to connect knowledge and technology with wisdom in order to find and create new solutions to the environmental problems we all face and to create a sustainable future.


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