Brandon James

Brandon James



About the Artist

Hi, my name is Brandon James and I am loving life so far! I graduated from Cumberland Valley High School in June 2018. I have been blessed to be attending Delaware Valley University for my Bachelors in Zoology. I intend on going to graduate school for Ethology. I grew up on music and art, later in high school I joined many extracurriculars. I joined Marching Band, Color Guard, National Honors Society, and National Honors Art Society. Those activities taught me how to serve my community, and discover my true identity. Through my years of school, art has always been a method to de-stress. Personally, art is a form of expression that has no words. From painting, sculpting, to collage making, I feel something so beyond this world. I think it’s wonderful that we can all exhibit our modes of destress to relate with one another. Art is definitely one way that relates everyone on planet earth together.


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