A message from Chelsea Caroline, Executive Director of Water ER.

“Without access to free, clean water, nothing else matters much.” – Chelsea Caroline

In everything we choose to do there is a chance to stop and think, how will this affect our environment? Will this choice help or hurt? Whether we are deciding what paint to use or which form of transportation we will use, or if we really need that plastic bag or which kind of mailers to use, or what to-go containers to order, or whether to buy local or have something shipped, or if we want to invest in solar or which fabric to use for our clothing line, or so on…

We all have a chance everyday to add to the problems we face or be part of the solutions. I’ve found though that it can be difficult to understand where to find these solutions as there is so much information to sift through and we hear many conflicting stories about climate change and whether or not we are all doing ok or possibly failing miserably with our efforts to recycle in a world where all our food comes neatly packed in plastic. I created Earthen Water to help us all out. If you want to know what the problems are regarding our environment and simple solutions that actually make a difference you’ve come to the right place. It may not be easy to make some of the changes that we need to make, but Earthen Water can make it simple… Start by browsing our website and get informed. Check out the list of companies on our GREEN LIST! Green means GO! Yes, buy from these companies. They are at least trying to make a difference in the way they run their businesses to be more environmentally friendly. Find products to meet your BE EARTH Friendly desire. Read our simple solutions page to find out what you can do in your own home and your communities to make a positive difference. Check out our volunteer opportunities to learn even more and get involved!

Without access to free, clean water, nothing else matters much.

Without fresh clean air to breathe, how much could we discuss?

My objectives for creating Water ER and Earthen Water are to inspire and educate the general public to care and engage in activism regarding the needed improvement of our waterways and the future of our water in general. I want to show my community that this issue is of utmost importance and that it directly affects us all. I also want to encourage the innate creativity in all people, as I believe this inspiration and innovation is what’s needed to connect knowledge and technology with wisdom in order to find and create new solutions to the environmental problems we all face. The Intended Audience is primarily anyone who cares about the environment and community and who will share information with others, volunteer and vote to make positive change and progress toward the end goal of better water quality of our Susquehanna River and it’s tributaries in Dauphin County and all the waterways in PA and beyond.

… AND/OR People who like ART and/or MUSIC who may not know about the initiatives in their communities involving their water and may not even realize how important our water is and how many people and monies are involved in maintaining their precious life-giving resource. My point is that it doesn’t matter what color you are and even what you believe in. If we don’t have good clean healthy water, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. It won’t matter how much money you have or what kind of car you drive, or if you drive. It won’t matter if you like sports or follow politics. It won’t matter what you are wearing or how many pairs of shoes you have… WATER IS LIFE.

I’ve reached out to the DEP, SRBC, PFBC, PEC, Susquehanna River Keepers, over 10 galleries in Central PA, many who have written me letters of support including offering their advertising channels and efforts for the exhibitions. The artists have agreed to do so as well. Because of the importance of this issue of WATER, it has been natural and with no problems building momentum for these events to take place. Everyone I’ve talked to so far has not only offered their commitment and support but have also taken it upon themselves to reach out through their own channels to further this initiative.

I will continue to so my best to keep the positive momentum of Water ER going. Our river feeds a larger, important body of water, the Chesapeake Bay, and furthermore continues on to the ocean. We are all connected
through water. What we do with our water here affects everyone on the planet as the natural cycle of water moves it through our
entire Earth.

Chelsea Caroline

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