Welcome to Earthen Water

A Multimedia Art and Business CREATIVE

Welcome to Earthen Water.

Healing our inner and outer world by becoming aware of what we really are and in seeing our connectedness to all,  ever increasing the vibratory field of compassion, beauty, and our endless potential and divine nature.

Our group is made up of environmentally conscious beings who are integrating ways to make a better world into and through their businesses, fields of study and areas of interest or expertise.  Bringing awareness to our FLOW,  OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF. BEING. through ergotropic and trophotropic. states.  Meditations and Expressions.  Initiatives. and Continueings.  


EARTHEN WATER’s FIRST FOCUS was lead by creating a traveling art exhibition called WATER ER with the hopes of bringing attention to the overall health and current state of our SUSQUEHANNA RIVER IN CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA, USA.

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